Electrox Sales & Service Of Laser Marking Systems

Electrox Laser Marking Systems Sales and Service

Maximising customer satisfaction drives everything Electrox does - from handling initial enquiries to final installation and after-sales service.

Our managers are able to ensure this ethos underpins the work of all the personnel involved, because Electrox retains control of the entire process of design, development and manufacturing.

We also pride ourselves on taking full responsibility for the provision of hardware and software support to distributors and customers worldwide. We are the single point of contact.

World Class Customer Service

With all Electrox laser marking, etching and engraving systems, support begins even before your order is placed, by providing comprehensive applications development and systems design advice. This ensures that you are able to order a system that’s absolutely right for your marking needs.

After your order has been received, the Electrox Customer Service Department really comes into its own by ensuring a smooth installation, comprehensive training, on-demand telephone assistance, cost effective on-site visits and timely spare parts dispatch facilities.

The Electrox Support Team offers:

  •     Installation and training
  •     Technical support
  •     System upgrades
  •     Spare parts
  •     Customer Care service plans
  •     Maintenance, software and applications training courses

For further information on any of our laser marking products or services, please contact your nearest Distribution Partner

Sales & Service


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Advances to our already highly successful Scorpion Rapide laser mean that we can work in partnership with our customers from the very beginning, in order to give them their very own tailored laser designed to meet their business needs

Peter Ramsden (Electrox)